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What is growth coaching about
We are a team of experienced growth coaches. Growth coaching is a logical method of finding the point of maximum impact on the business and focusing the team's efforts on creating a key change at this point.
The point of maximum impact, i.e. the current key constraint, came from the Theory of Constraints, which is the core methodology of our products. In addition to the HADI cycle, Customer Development, UNIT economics, and a bunch of other methods and tools, it allows working with:
• no matter the maturity of the company
• no matter the industry
• no matter the type of product or a service
The magic of the key constraint is that when the company overcomes it, it creates the maximum impact on the whole system: the company reaches new numbers in metrics, faster gets target revenue, and the growth dynamic accelerates - without huge investments into the marketing & sales tools.
We are valuable for
Startup accelerators and venture funds
Leveraging our years of experience with startup ecosystems in different parts of the world, we use a growth coaching methodology to convert acceleration programs to a tailor-made and result-oriented product, which accelerates the growth of startups. Almost the same framework allows venture funds to launch active portfolio management and boost their portfolio startups to big results without stepping into operational management.
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Entrepreneurs and startup founders
The focus - the speed - the result. These are key words the growth coach helps the entrepreneurial team to achieve in their work. For the founder, this is more often the first business (the 3rd or the 5th if it’s a serial entrepreneur), and the growth coach has seen dozens or hundreds of such situations in other teams and countries. The founder is in love with his own product which creates a lot of blind spots in the business - the growth coach can reasonably assess the situation and confront the entrepreneur with the reality. Sometimes it hurts — but it allows to achieve big results faster and cheaper.
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Startup mentors - new and experienced
Points of growth usually move to the area where the mentor and the team don't have the expertise, while they continue to mentor in the area they have knowledge about. That's why the crucial question is to learn how to identify the current main constraints throughout the whole business, while you are an expert, let's say, in marketing or sales. What is also important - is not to cut the initiative and ambitions of the founder by becoming a CEO instead of him/her.
Growth coaching gives frameworks to work with startups in almost any industry and at any stage of development, focusing founders on the business goals, not only on developing the "ideal" product. Using growth coaching you can work outside your niche expertise and in a long run with startups.
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Meet the CEO
Evgeny Frolov
Founder & CEO

Founder of several businesses (with successes and failures);

• In the startup industry since 2015;

• Locations of activities: Europe & Central Asia;

• Growth coach at Google for Startups for Central Asia (Silkway Accelerator);

• Growth coach at acceleration programs across the continent: DEX Innovation Center HealthTech and PowerTech programs, NURIS Accelerator, MAIB Fintech Accelerator, Technovator AgroTech Accelerator;

• Was a part of initiatives across Europe: EIT Health, EIT InnoEnergy, CE-connector;

• Track record: 300+ startups from different countries and industries, accelerated sales and expanded to new markets.

Our products
Company in numbers
  • >10
    countries is our geographical presence
  • 500+
    startups went through our programs and consulting
  • >100$ mln
    is the valuation of our alumni
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