VC funds now invest in the best
  • You already have sales of your products or services
  • Your sales are growing month to month
  • Your cash runway is at least 6 months
  • You are looking for the next investment round
  • You already have a list of target VC funds

If you've answered any of these points negatively - you are in troubles

Any of these points might become a deal-breaker in your fundraising process - since the beginning of the 2022 VCs around the Globe have frozen most of their investment activities and now invest only in the true champions!
Without sales you have a really low chance to fundraise - you will get either a small ticket or a small valuation. But there is a really high probability that you will not find investments at all. So to succeed, you need to find a way to launch at least the first sales.
Basically what investors are looking for is the hockey stick graph of sales. In reality, not so many startups can show it, but the stagnation of negative sales growth definitely will be a dealbreaker. Be sure, that your sales trend is positive and growing, and that you know how to keep it growing.
You have to have at least 6 months to have a deal with a good valuation. You need around 1-2 months to find relevant funds, 2-3 months to pass due diligence and all legal signatures, and 1 month as a reserve. If you will be in the negotiation of conditions when you don't have money to pay salaries - you will accept any offer.
Relevant VCs
Most VC funds have preferred industries, sweet stage of investment, maximum ticket size, geography etc. You have to make research and address relevant funds not to burn the contact and lose time.
One of the first filters you have to pass is your MRR. Depending on your stage and the ticket size you are looking for, there are some expectations from VCs. If you are not there, you have to find a way to quickly achieve the goal.
Pitch deck
There is a basic structure of the pitch deck and best practices of the industry. You have to have all communication tools created in a relevant manner and all materials prepared in advance.
We will prepare your startup to fundraise successfully!
It's not about the magic, it's about our know-how and your hard work!
  • 1
    The first step is to make a diagnostic of your goals and strategy. We will help you to identify the strategic gaps, drivers of growth, possible risks, and constraints. Together, we will generate growth hypotheses and an action plan to achieve your monthly goal. This stage requires from 2 to 5 hours.
  • 2
    Business is about doing. After we identify some issues you have to fix them. We support you via growth coaching methodology, accompanying you on a weekly basis, helping to keep the focus on the strategic things, and accelerating the growth as a positive consequence. This stage might last up to 3 months.
  • 3
    After we adjust the metrics of your business, we have to pack the business to make the right accents on strong points and deliver to VCs what they expect and can consider as the future champion. At this stage, it's important to highlight past tracktion and show future opportunities, confirmed by present numbers.
  • 4
    Connection to VCs
    Our global network of VC funds from Europe, UK, USA, Asia, and MENA is open to you! They trust us and expect only projects of high quality and growth. When we understand your business, sure about the quality of your execution, we bring you to our partners. As a consequence, you have a short track in your investment discussions, making faster agreements on a better valuation.
To start with us is easy
But to make a result you have to be skin in the game
3 months contract, monthly payment
  • We will make a list of relevant VCs, adjust your materials, and approach funds to schedule a call with you
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Full package of fundraising
3months contract, fix + %fee
  • You will receive full support from us and we will work hard to bring you to negotiations with VC in max 4 months.
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The value
What will happen with your business as the result of our cooperation
  • Effective strategy
    We will help you to clarify the vision, and identify strategic gaps, risks, and key constraints. After the diagnostic session with our team, the founder has a clear vision, result-oriented milestones, and a clear action plan on how to achieve it, by overcoming the chain of constraints of his business.
  • Growth of sales
    Any company is a chain of self-influencing elements. The effectiveness of the whole system is equal to the strength of the weakest chain. By focusing on key constraints you can clearly prioritize your activities, and influent the effeсеve of the whole business. We will implement in your business the mechanism of constant improvements. How to grow 5 times by the end of the quarter will not be a question anymore, it will be the achievable goal. The sales growth will return investments on cooperation with us.
  • Connection with relevant VCs
    We will make a shortlist of relevant VCs for you, in the target market and through our network. We will prepare a warm introduction and will train you on how to pitch your project in the best way. In addition to that, we can support you in the negotiation process to help you to get better conditions.
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