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Goals we help to achieve
Growth coaching is the methodology that helps companies at any stage of development
  • To launch sales
    One of the biggest issues for the first-time founders is to launch sales after the development of the ideal product. HADI-cycles + customer development methodology is the efficient framework to make results in 4-8 weeks.
  • To enter a new market
    When a mature company tries to enter a new market, it's usually a painful and costly process. The magic is to design fast and cheap experiments, keeping in mind, that even though you succeed in your own market, you still learn in a new one.
  • To structure manageable sales
    Companies in a scaling phase often don't manage their sales. The CAC is high, they don't know the A-segment of clients and the sales funnel is structured in a process-focused way. In the end, they have to create a cash machine by controlling all stages of your sales funnel and having positive UNIT economics.
  • To get out of operational routines
    When the business has just started, the most important questions depend on the decision of the founder. As the consequence - in a scaling phase everybody is coming to CEO to ask what to do. As a result, the founder focuses on day-to-day operations and doesn't invest time into strategy and hypotheses of growth. We implement the portfolio management of growth hypotheses and make your team independent and efficient.
  • To accelerate the growth X10
    When the goal is growth, the primary thing that companies try to use is to spend more on marketing. The theory of constraints allows us to identify the key constraints which actually limit growth - by overcoming them we influent the results of the company multiple times. By implementing it as a system of continuous improvement, we accelerate the growth rate to the level of a startup.
  • To fundraise successfully
    Helping startups be more efficient, and accelerating their growth fast we provide a qualified pipeline to VC funds. We will help you to grow and connect you with our VC network to make warm introductions and raise the probability of your success. But there is no magic behind it - you have to be(come) a champion to be able to fundraise from top VCs.
About growth coaching
  • Each business is a system of mutually influencing elements: departments, people, processes etc.
  • In every system, there is the key constraint — a weak point in the company’s process, which defines the revenue and the growth more than others by its limits.
  • The magic of the key constraint is that when the company overcomes it, it creates the maximum impact on the whole system: the company reaches new numbers in metrics, faster gets target revenue, the growth dynamic accelerates.
  • After we overcome it, the constraint moves to another part of the business and we repeat the cycle, launching the process of constant improvements and growth.
  • The goal of the growth coach is to help the team to identify the current key constraint, to find the right hypothesis to overcome it, to use the right tool and methodology, and to create the system of self-diagnostic and constant improvements, while helping the team to keep the focus on the goal.

Our results
Some of the startups we helped and are proud of it
  • X2,5 in sales in 2 months
    Like FemTech startup "NB Fit" or Well-being startup "Kale" launched manageable sales and identify growth drivers via growth coaching
  • 3 new countries at once
    Like AdTech startup "CitiX" opened 3 new markets simultaneously in 12 weeks
  • 300+
    startups passed through our hands over the last 7 years from Europe to Central Asia
Meet our Growth Coaches
  • Evgeny Frolov
    • Industry expertise: corporate innovations, acceleration programs, growth coaching for startups in Central Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, Central Asia, CIS region
    • Growth coach at Google for Startups program for Central Asia
  • Alexey Dobrusin
    • 12 years in strategic marketing, certified growth coach with over 5 years of experience with X10 annual growth cases.
    • Growth coach at Google for Startups program for Central Asia
  • Kirill Turin
    • Industry expertise: 7 years in B2B/B2C SaaS startups and scale-ups. MarTech FinTech EdTech DevTools
    • Superpower: business developer with a product mindset
  • Dmitrii Albot
    • Industry expertise: EdTech, AgTech, Product Management, Digital Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping
    • Superpower: Building innovative tech startups that have a positive impact on the society
  • Roman Gluck
    • Industry Expertise: Healthcare, Education, Fintech, B2B Solutions, E-Commerce, Virtual Reality, 8 Years in IT Industry in Eastern and Central Europe.
    • Superpower: Product Management, Process Management, UX Design
  • Serghey Tkachenko
    • Industry expertise: 12 years in the IT and Telecom industry in Eastern Europe
    • Superpower: problem analysis and solution development skills, execution management skills
  • Serghei Gherghelejiu
    • Industry Expertise: 7 Years in the EU energy industry, 4 Years in Media Analysis &Business Intelligence, 2 Years in the European Telecom
    • Superpower: Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Olga Rusu
    • Industry Expertise: 12 years in the banking industry
    • Superpower: Financier - analyst, with an emphasis on risk assessment.
  • Ina Iavorschi
    • Industry expertise: Social Media Management, Project Management.
    • Super Power: Marketing Strategy Analysis and Diagnostic
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How It Works
Focus - speed - result
The diagnostic of the business
We have to identify strategic gaps and the chain of constraints on the way to your business goal
The management of growth hypotheses
We have to generate and prioritize hypotheses of overcoming the chain of key constraints
H-a-d-i cycle launch
We work on a weekly bases with the team to test and analyze hypotheses and to generate new ones unless we overcome the current constraint. When the company is able to test at least 3-4 hypotheses per week - it's half of the success.
h-A-d-i cycle launch
Designing the right experiment is a crucial skill, that a growth coach can help you with, It should be a fast and cheap test to understand if we have a green light as soon as possible.
h-a-D-i cycle launch
Most of the founders ignore setting up points of control and collecting data. Your decisions in business must be data-driven. So without data, we can't understand if we doing good or bad.
h-a-d-I cycle launch
And the last point of the cycle is to analyse the data of the experiment. Not guessing, but to reflect and interpret. And here there is a huge trap for the founder, loving its product, to make a conclusion not based on the real facts, but willing to confirm the hallucination. And the growth coach help here from the external position.

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To schedule 30 min FREE meeting
Articles about growth coaching
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