Growth Coaching
for Startup Founders
  • How to move the startup from stealth mode to a fully-operating business
  • How to help technical founders build the business part
  • How to manage the chaos of growth at the idea stage or expansion
  • Start: November the 22nd
  • Duration: 3 weeks - 6 sessions
  • Format: Live sessions
  • Standard Price: €400
  • Money-back option after the 1st session
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What is growth coaching about
Growth coaching is a logical method of finding the point of maximum impact on the business and focusing the team's efforts on creating a key change at this point.
•It doesn’t matter the maturity of the company
•It doesn’t matter the industry
•It doesn’t matter the type of your product or a service
But the correct usage of frameworks based on hundreds of use cases matters.
The program of the course
Session 1

What are the goals growth coaching can help you with

Growth coaches' skillset and frameworks, and the difference with other growth professions. How does growth coaching influence the business and accelerate its growth - use cases.
Session 2
Basic frameworks of growth coaching to make your team independent and achieve results
You will learn about the Theory of constraints and customer development methodology as the chain of basic constraints, and HADI cycles.
Session 3
Tools to launch sales and to grow regularly
You will go through the basic tools of growth coaching: tracktion map, goal setting approaches, customer development chain, ICE, RICE method, and goal-oriented sales framework.
Session 4

The health check of your business through the UNIT-economics

You will learn what UNIT economics is, how to design and calculate it, and how to use it as a valuable source of growth hypotheses.
Session 5

Diagnostic session as the method of the ongoing improvement of the business

The diagnostic session is the starting point where you have to identify the key constraints and form a strategy on how to overcome them. In the meantime, as your key constraint is always moving you have to be able to constantly find and overcome
Session 6
How can growth coaching help to fundraise
We will talk about what is important for VCs and how to catch their attention, how not to create deal breakers, and how to find the VC that fits the startup
By the end of the course you will
  • You will implement the mechanism of portfolio management of the growth hypothesis at your company
  • Learn how to launch a cycle of ongoing improvement of the business
  • Learn how to use the unit economics of the business as the source of growth hypothesis
  • Learn how to identify the real constraints in your company and create an efficient strategy
  • Learn how to practically implement tools of growth coaching
  • Learn how to mentor your own team and make them focused and independent
Price list
*installments are available
You participate in all sessions;
+ 1 group practice session on diagnostic;
+ answer your questions by text or voice messages in a general chat (usually, during the 24 hours);
+lifetime access to session records and provided growth tools.
*installments are available
"Standard+" tariff plus bonuses:
+ we help to design UNIT economics;
+ we give individual feedback on the recording of the diagnostic session;
+ we help to design customer segments and problem interview
+ 2 additional individual consultations
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Format of the course
22.11 - 08.12
3 weeks online course
each Tuesday & Thursday
from 16:00 to 19:00 (GMT+2)
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Feedback from our alumni
  • As a startup founder, I have a lot of ideas and have to firefight a lot of things simultaneously. Via a growth coaching methodology, I restructured my vision, having the clear prioritization now, which I can delegate to my team and focus them on the result.
    Dmitry Albot
    Startup founder
  • Tracking helps me and my customers to be more focused on the final objective concentrating time and resources on the critical elements of business success. We manage to achieve the results quickly and more effectively than when using the classical project management approach.
    Sergiu Tkachenko
    Business consultant
  • Working in a marketing position usually involves customers' requests for SMM services. The main goal is to increase sales by developing campaign strategies, and building brand awareness to reach and generate more leads. Still, the reality is that the main and real constraints might be far from the marketing and sale funnel. This way, now I can provide customers with comprehensive services, influencing on the overall efficiency of their business.
    Ina Iavorschi
    SMM & Project manager
  • Having several businesses I was always overloaded by operational things and controlling management. After the course, I implemented growth coaching as a tool to manage my teams, and now can focus on strategic things and projects, knowing the focus of each of my companies, but spending much less time on that.
    Alexandr Stratan
    Serial entrepreneur
Articles about growth coaching
There is an interesting shift in the mind of founders when they start generating money: they feel safe themselves and stop thinking in disruptive ways, lose speed and achieve fewer results.
When the business is not stable or you are not achieving your goals as expected - the first reaction is "to keep resources".
How to structure the long-term vision into the strategy
How to grow 2.5X in 2 months - the real case.


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