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Growth coaching
Via growth coaching, we help founders to unlock the growth potential of the existing team, focus the team's efforts, and structure the growth strategy. You train your internal expertise and strengthen the founding team.
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Business development
If you're in the LinkedIn b2b space and looking for top business development hands, we can help. We deliver 500 personalized touches on LinkedIn with an average 27% response rate. Our unique toolset and deep research help startups find and validate value propositions across various customer segments.
UPD. We focus on bringing revenue and cold outreach customer insights
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Our Team in numbers
startups and companies in our portfolio from Central Asia to Europe
grow in sales in 1 month - our best achievement we are proud of
our average response rate in cold outreach of B2B customers
To start with us is easy
But to make a result you have to be skin in the game
Business development
3 months contract, monthly payment
  • We will set up a growth strategy for your company and provide business development services for you. Coordinating with your marketing activities, we will generate sales leads for your business
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Growth coaching
3 months contract, monthly payment
  • We will help your company to accelerate its growth through the growth coaching methodology and our weekly involvement over 3-month cooperation
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We have a knowledge base of growth coaching methods and tools and we are happy to share!
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