About growth coaching
  • Each business is a system of mutually influencing elements: departments, people, processes etc.
  • In every system, there is a key constraint — a weak point in the company’s process, which defines the revenue and the growth more than others by its limits.
  • The magic of the key constraint is that when the company overcomes it, it creates the maximum impact on the whole system: the company reaches new numbers in metrics, faster gets target revenue, and the growth dynamic accelerates.
  • After we overcome it, the constraint moves to another part of the business and we repeat the cycle, launching the process of constant improvements and growth.
  • The goal of the growth coach is to help the team to identify the current key constraint, find the right hypothesis to overcome it, use the right tool and methodology, and create a system of self-diagnostic and constant improvements while helping the team to keep the focus on the goal and achieve results.
Three key pillars of the growth coaching
  • The Goal
    First of all, a growth coach helps the founder to set up or clarify the ambitious goal. Then we identify strategic gaps in the current strategy and create an effective mechanism of testing growth hypotheses.
  • The focus
    Even though there is an ambitious goal, the operational work always full fill the whole working schedule of the founding team. A growth coach helps to keep the focus on really important actions, which move you to the goal.
  • The result
    If you keep the focus of the team on the main goal, move the company forward via the HADI cycle, as the result, you launch a system of constant improvements, which help your business to run faster and bring results
For early-stage companies
To achieve KPIs from the investor faster; to identify new markets and segments; to create and train an independent, focused and effective team, achieving results.
For seed stage companies
To speed up the growth of the company; to structure the chaos of the growth stage; to strengthen the growth strategy and to implement the system of management of the portfolio of hypotheses.
For round A+ companies
For the founder to get out from the operational management and to focus on the strategy; to find new drivers of growth.
Meet your Growth Coaches
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients effective
  • Evgeny Frolov
    • Industry expertise: corporate innovations, acceleration programs, growth coaching in Central Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, Central Asia, CIS region
    • Superpower: strategic goal setting and growth hypotheses
  • Serghei Gherghelejiu
    • Industry Expertise: 7 Years in the EU energy industry, 4 Years in Media Analysis &Business Intelligence, 2 Years in the European Telecom
    • Superpower: Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Roman Gluck
    • Industry Expertise: Healthcare, Education, Fintech, B2B Solutions, E-Commerce, Virtual Reality, 8 Years in IT Industry in Eastern and Central Europe.
    • Superpower: Product Management, Process Management, UX Design
  • Dmitrii Albot
    • Industry expertise: EdTech, AgTech, Product Management, Digital Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping
    • Superpower: Building innovative tech startups that have a positive impact on the society
  • Olga Rusu
    • Industry Expertise: 12 years in the banking industry
    • Superpower: Financier - analyst, with an emphasis on risk assessment.
  • Serghey Tkachenko
    • Industry expertise: 12 years in the IT and Telecom industry in Eastern Europe
    • Superpower: problem analysis and solution development skills, execution management skills
  • Ina Iavorschi
    • Industry expertise: Social Media Management, Project Management.
    • Super Power: Marketing Strategy Analysis and Diagnostic
  • Alexandr Stratan
    • Industry expertise: International Logistics, B2B Sales, Retail, Banking and Finance, Fresh Food Industry
    • Superpower: Business and Product development based on innovative industry solutions
  • Kirill Turin
    • Industry expertise: 7 years in B2B/B2C SaaS startups and scale ups. #MarTech #FinTech #EdTech #DevTools
    • Superpower: business developer with a product mindset
  • Ion Brumaru
    • Industry Expertise: 8 Years in IT industry working with clients from US, AU, & Europe, Software Development (Educational, Productivity, Travel, Banking)
    • Superpower: Product Development, Process automatization
We've prepared a manual for founders to make a self-diagnostic of the startup
We've prepared a manual for the self-diagnostic of your business. You can check it right now or request a free diagnostic of our growth coaches.
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We know that it's not easy to convince superstar founders to use some external help - we propose the value, not help!
What we do as the first step is the diagnostic of the growth strategy of the founder, letting him/her know how to strengthen it. The founder will get the value from the very first meeting with us and will be thankful that you organize this meeting. Let's discuss how to introduce us to your portfolio!
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